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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

All the meditative mudras, can be practiced 45 minutes to 1 hour or more than one hour. There is no contra-indication for more benefits, they should be practiced at least 30 minutes in one time, except few mudras.

Few mudras have some contra-indications (see below).

All these mudras are oftenly used during the pranayama classes.

Hakini Mudra:


  • Balances all the five elements

  • Improves and deepens the respiration

  • Builds up the energy in the lungs

  • Used to sharpen the brain

  • Refreshes and revitalizes the brain

  • Helps to improve concentration

  • Beneficial for children suffering from Autism

  • Better memory performance

  • Releases stress

  • Balances both right and left brain hemispheres


  • No.


Vayu Mudra:

Vayu means Air


  • Controls the air element inside of the body

  • Helps to have a quick control of the mind

  • Helps in all the vata disorders like pains in knees, joints, shoulders, cervicals, chest...

  • Useful against paralysis

  • Reduces stomach disorders like gastrics, constipation

  • Increases immunity against cold and cough

  • Good for hyperactivity and overthinking

  • Very good for Parkinston


  • No.


Varuna Mudra:

Varuna means water. Varuna is the Lord of rain, sky, and all water ressources in India mythology.


  • Balances the water content in the body

  • Brings a lustre and glow to the face

  • Can help in preventing appearance of pimples

  • Cures itching

  • Helps to overcome the dryness of the mouth, skin, intestines (constipation), cracked lips, dried eyes...

  • Very nice mudra for those who have Pitta personality

  • Helpful in dehydration

  • Good during urine desorders


  • Kapha personality, avoid it (ex: coughing, cold, running nose, pain on the throat, sinnus, asthma,...)

  • Low blood pressure

  • Any swelling in the body

  • If anyone is sensitive with the cold


Surya Mudra:

Surya means sun in sanskrit. Thus, this mudra increases the fire in the body and is helpful to lose the excessive fat.


  • Reduces the excessive fat in the body.

  • Increases digestion fire, very good for those who have lack of appetite.

  • Helps to reduce the bad cholesterol.

  • Increases the body temperature and will help for low blood pressure.

  • ️Decreases severe headache and tension.

  • ️Reduces the stress.

  • ️Sharpens the center in thyroid glands.

  • Very good mudra those who are facing the problem of coughing, cold, sinus, runing noise, asthma,...


  • Pitta personality or with high blood pressure

  • Heart diseases

  • Violent persone should avoid it


Gyan Mudra:

Gyan or Jnana means knowledge/wisdom

Chin means consciousness


  • Increases memory power and sharpens the brain

  • Enhances concentration and the meditation

  • With regular practice, it will cure all psychological disorders like mental, hysteria, anger and depression

  • Increases the intellect

  • Helps for better sleep

  • Calms the mind

  • Creates a more receptivity


  • No.


Adi Mudra:

Adi is the first one... This is the first Mudra that the babies do.

This mudra focuses on breathing patterns and the internal chest structure.


  • Increases the capacity of the lungs.

  • Brings the sense of stability.

  • Stimulates the oxygen flow.

  • Calms the nervous system, and reduces the anger.

  • Increases the mental activeness.

  • Good for constipation.

  • Strenghtens the bronchials tube.


  • No.


Vishnu Mudra or Nasagra Mudra:


  • Helps to balance the air and space element.

  • Good for the circulation of the blood.

  • Used to control the flow of the breath in one nostrils or two nostrils, example: for the practice of Nadi Shodhanam...

  • Improves the concentration encouraging mental clarity and focus.

  • Stills the mind for meditation.

  • Calms the mind, reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Brings balance, strength and peace.


  • No.


Prana Mudra or Pran Mudra:

Prana means life in Sanskrit


  • Stimulates the root chakra.

  • ️Increases the vital strength.

  • ️Enables awakening of prana Shakti lying dormant, the body becomes active, healthy and energetic.

  • ️Cures eye problems and improves the eyesight.

  • ️Enhances body's immunity free from diseases.

  • Removes the deficiency of vitamins.

  • ️Rejuvenates the body.

  • Helps during the fasting to maintain the levels of energy.

  • During or after the diseases, this mudra is very helpful to regain the health.


  • No.


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