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Simha Mudra (The Gesture of Lion)

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Mudra which is performed by the lions. This is also considered as a Kriya.
◽ Benefits:
  • ️Very good to overcome the fears

  • ️Helps to develop the feelings of confidence & strength

  • Helps to face the anxiety, stress & symptoms of depression. It makes the person extrovert

  • ️Cures the problem of thyroid

  • ️Good for low blood pressure.

  • Provides the healing effect to the throat, jaws, tongue, nose, eyes, ears... ▫️Helps to relax the tension from the face muscles

  • ️Helps to develop the voice clarity

◽ Contra-indications:

  • ️Should not practice if anyone is facing high blood pressure & heart problems

◽ Instructions:

  • Sit in Vajrasana position knees apart

  • ️Spine straight, slightly lift the sternum, chest should active then place the palms on the knees or on the thighs, fingers separate

  • ️Now inhale slightly deeper then extend the tongue out as far as possible towards the chin, slightly chin down (for more benefits), exhale longer by creating the sound of "Haaaaaa..." look towards the eyebrow center...

  • After completing one round, relax your all the face muscles, throat, fingers. After 03 natural breaths repeat the same thing...

  • At the end, massage your throat by your both hands.

◽ Duration:

  • ️3 to 5 times (the 2 first weeks) then you can increase up to 10 times

◽ Awareness:

  • ️On the throat muscles (vishuddhi or ajna Chakra)...

Enjoy your practice.

Hari Om!!!

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