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About Us
Our story
& Prana Awakening

With the ingredients of Hope & Love

We are Mahendra & Lili

Bi-national married couple (India/France)

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We met in the land of Yoga, Rishikesh (India) in July 2019, during a YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course).

A beautiful Love story based on faith, hope, patience & confidence. After two years distance, lots of challenges and fightings, we were blessed to be reunited again together in India and celebrate our union. 

One day we will write more about our story, for the moment, you can watch the quick 30 seconds Reels on our IG, Here.

So, since 12nd July 2021, we are pati and patni (husband and wife) ♡

Together, we are sharing the path of Yoga and are happy to sprend it all around the world with online classes.

Love and Light,

Hari 🕉

Flor de loto


Mahendra Ji

Indian Yoga Master
Specialities: Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras & Bandhas, Ayurveda, Shatkarma...


Born in Etah (U.P.), a town close to Shankasya (now Shakisha), a popular Buddhist area, Mahendra Ji heard his calling for Yoga while in school at Gautam Buddha Inter College.

Breaking away from the initial plans of completing his schooling and further running the family business, Mahendra Ji left home and traveled to Haridwar to respond to his calling. He remained under the shadow of Gayatri Pariwar at Shanti Kunj for 4 years during which he completed Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science from Deva Sanskrati University.


Soon after, he did his Masters in Yoga Science from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in 2016. His inclination to specialize in Ayurveda brought him to complete his 6 month certification course in Ayurveda.

Mahendra ji has been actively associated with Rishikul Yogshala in Rishikesh since 2016. His specialises in the subjects of Pranayama, Meditation, Mudra and Bandhas, Ayurveda, Shatkarma.
After completing his formal education, Mahendra ji acquired the Badge of 
Recognition and Genuineness by qualifying with the QCI (Quality Council of India) from the Department of AYUSH in June 2017.

Indian Hatha Yoga master, Mahendra ji is a specialist in raising Prana, or vital energy.
Coming from an Ashram, dedicated to serving others, he has a deep desire to share all that he has learned from his gurus and Yoga Science studies.

From the auspicious lands of Haridwar and Rishikesh, Mahendra ji teaches how to integrate traditional yoga from its roots into your routine for a better life.

​In his own words, “One drop of experience/ feeling is better than a hundred words of theory."

Prana Awakening, a project born from our Love

And the consequences of a virus that lead us to heal others ...

One of the difficulties Universe has putted in our way, is the distance.

Mahendra ji in India, me in Spain... And a mountain of efforts to do that we couldn't even imagine just to be reunited again.


Mahendra didn't have passport at this time, so after making it in September 2019 (with some challenges), on February 2020, we were able to request his tourist visa to visit my place, to come in Europe... Spanish embassy denied it. We appealed with a lawyer in support. They denied again, and, in March 2020, you already know what happened everywhere: the worldwide pandemic.

Indian Yoga Schools closed, and we needed financial proofs for the visa (and for Mahendra to live!).

Apart from our strong desire to meet, we were aware that Mahendra has this personality to help others. It was not possible for him to stop teaching and sharing his knowledge with the students.

So, despite his initial resistance, I suggested him to continue his classes, online, with my support.

He finally accepted & Prana Awakening came into the Light.

With Online Classes, we are sharing the Ancient Traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda all over the World, for a better life.

In only few months, we witness the improvement of hundreds of students, and this is just the beginning!

Always happy to know about you

Thank you for your message!

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