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Khechari Mudra (Nabho Mudra)

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Khechari mudra is one of the most mysterious & extremely secret (param guhya) mudra of Tantric Tradition but also used/practiced by Hatha Yogis.

Today will try to understand about it.

Khechari is the mudra described in Khechari Vidhya (means science of Khechari). Khechari Vidhya is a wide subject. Khechari mudra is one small part of it.

What does the word Khechar mean?

"Khechar" is a Sanskrat word, came from Khe + Char.

"Khe" means Sky or limitless space that's around us.

"Char" means to move or to walk.

So, khechar means any being that has the capability/eligibility to walk/fly in the sky.

Just to understand properly I am translating another another word called "Ratri char" ; in English, it's means nocturnal animals.

In khechari Vidhya or khechari vigyan (khechari science), Yogis used to study how someone get the eligibility to fly by some specific herbs & yogic techniques. Khechari mudra one of them.

What is Khechari mudra?

कपालकुहरे जिह्वा प्रविष्टा विपरीतगा। भ्रुवोरन्तर्गता दृष्टिर्मुद्रा भवति खेचरी॥३२॥

Kapālakuhare jihvā praviṣṭā viparītagā| Bhruvorantargatā dṛṣṭirmudrā bhavati khecarī||32||


"tongue, going reversed, inserted into the nasopharyngeal cavity and gaze fixed in the middle of the eyebrows, it becomes Khechari." Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

In short, Khechari is performed by folding the tongue upward & backward and it should be taken right up to the nasal cavity.

Awareness should be fixed at the eyebrow center at that time. It looks very simple to understand but it's the most difficult mudra to perform and also it can be dangerous if someone try without proper guidance.

Why it is dangerous & why someone need proper guidance?

First thing is very clear about this mudra that it requires enough length of the tongue so the practitioner can touch the center/root of the upper palate by the tip of the tongue through inserting the tip of the tongue from nasal cavity.

To perform this mudra, the practitioner has to work on the lengthening of the tongue by following some techniques. Then, when one's tongue become capable to touch the eyebrow center, only then, this mudra can be permormed ideally.

It looks impossible for common practitioners & actually it is because of the process. In the process of making the tongue lengthy one has to cut the soft muscle underneath the tongue by the leaf of specific plants (not by blade or scissor).

It's very gradual process & then by applying the butter everyday has to stretch the tongue by milking process.

Actual practice of this mudra is far away from the reach of common person nowadays.

What technique should be practiced to get some benefits of this mudra?

We can do the simple variation of this mudra that's known as "Nabho Mudra". This is the modern practice of Khechari mudra.

How should be practiced?

  1. Acquiring any meditative Asana (Vajrasana is the best one to perform this particular mudra if possible),

  2. Fold the tongue upward & backward

  3. Touch the tip or back of the tongue on the upper palate wherever you feel comfortable. No need to push yourself too much in the final position.

  • Awareness should be between the both eyebrows.

  • Breathing should be natural or you can also practice ujjai breathing.

How long ?

  • There is no time limit, can practice as long as you can comfortably.


Benefits of ideal Khechari Mudra according to Gheranda Samhita 👇

  • The practitioner of this Mudra is not troubled by unconsciousness, hunger, thirst, laziness, etc.

  • Fear of any disorder or disease, old age & death vanishes as the body becomes Devine.

  • The physical body is neither burnt in the fire nor dried up by the wind.

  • It can neither be made wet by water nor does poison have any effect as in the cash of snake bite.

  • Unshakable Samadhi is perfected. 😊🙏

What would I feel ? If I practice today. Would I also be able to fly in sky ?

😊 😊😊 no no no...

You would not be able to fly physically in sky that is outside the body but you will soon realize that your awareness is flying in the sky (Kha|Khe means space of consciousness) that is within us.

You will soon reach in a state where there is no thoughts, no imagination, no past experience... Only a vast, limitless, formless space & you are constantly aware of it.

That's our objective of meditation to bring the awareness from mind to no-mind, from form to formless...

I am sure you will experience it just in few days of practice.

Overall it's a very good mudra for meditative specially for those who have fickled mind.

Other benefits:

  • It helps to reduce the high blood pressure.

  • It helps in all those disorders expressed by excessive pitta like acidity, ulcer, over sweating, pimples or burning (feeling too hot) sensations in the body, over thirst, dryness in the body, violent emotions etc...


  • If you feel taste of saliva is bitter. Bitter saliva is signifies that body has too much toxins. In that case, one should clean the intestine by the shatkarma or enema & then nadi shodhanam pranayama. 🙏

Life is a university, so do it as a experiment & find the deeper truth about this technique...


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Hari 🕉!!!🕯️🙏

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