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Healthy Tips During 4 Weeks

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

1. Brain food:

a. Dry food: almond, walnuts, raisins…

b. Seeds: Sesame, flakes, pumpkin... (Use these things in low sun for best benefits).

c. Fruits and vegetables: use more seasonable fruits and vegetables including avocado, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, ghee (cow), palm grenade, watermelons, etc…

2. Water:

a. Be aware about need of water. So drink the more water according to your need.

b. Eat more green vegetables, fruits that will also help to fulfill you water requirement.

3. In night, before the sleep, use the cow ghee or almond oil in the nostrils (2 drops). If both are not available, use seed oil (sesame oil)

4. For the practice, stomach has to be empty.

5. Take good sleep

6. After the end of each week, do vaman krya (if you can).

7. Jala neti is also very very helpful

8. After the shower, 2-3 minutes head massage


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Hari 🕉!!!

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