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Enema is a modern and easy method of Basti Karma.

Basti Karma has been used by the yogis since thousands years for emptying the large intestine and bowel. Many Hatha yoga and Ayurveda texts are the proof of it. In basti karma, practitioner has to stand in water (level of water up to navel) and, then, has to pull the water from the anus to the intestines, and then, release it. Now a days it's not easy and practical for everyone.

Enema is a rectal injection of liquid (warm water) for emptying or cleansing the large intestine, colon or bowel. It is an essential and important part of Panchakarma and Ayurvedic treatments.

Whatever the disease diagnosed, the treatment always starts with purification of intestines.


Constipation is a condition in which the natural movement of stool slows down, stool becomes hard or dry, and its expulsion becomes difficult.

Ayurveda and Naturopathy both believe that constipation is a mother of all the diseases.

Doctors researched that the chronic constipation can lead the person to ailments like piles, fistula, hemorrhoids, gastric, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache, allergies, low metabolism, lethargies, low energy, overweight and blood pressure...etc.

Enema can give you good relief from all above problems in very short time.

Why should be used?

Willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, most of us are consuming the harmful chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, excessive fine flour (“maida” in Hindi that is very fine wheat flour which has no fiber in it), salt and sugar through the food or water.

All are very harmful specifically the Maida.

For the intestines, it's hard to transport… It starts accumulating on the inner walls of the intestine and the colon.

What I heard from the Ayurvedic doctors, this accumulation of maida (now stool) turns into 2-3 or more kgs!

People that have taken the enema before can easily understand how much hard stool (in the form of balls) comes out after that. And, for the system, it's not easy to flush all stool in one time that's why it's recommended to take take 3, 5 days or more.

My experience:

I heard and read a lot about it but really speaking I never gave the importance to this simple technique that it deserves.

Sometimes, I used to take it. It was fine.

But since last month, I am taking it systemically for 9 days regularly, then after one week in alternative days, then twice a week, then once a week...

The results are unbelievable.

The experience of my morning practice (asanas, pranayama and bandhas) has deepen.

During the day, I feel very light, refreshed, enthusiastic and energetic in both aspects physically and mentally. I have also lost 3 kg of excessive weight.

I am experiencing a new dimension of my health, mental peace and tranquility that I have never experienced in last 5-7 years.

How should take it:
  • You need an enema pot, can see in the picture.

  • Take 200-300 ml of warm water in the bag and hang it on hight (around level of head).

  • Release the air from the pipe by releasing some water.

  • Apply castor oil (or any other natural oil) on the nozzle of the pipe.

  • Come on table-top position and insert it from the anus. Hold it by one hand.

  • Bring your head on the floor, come in child position. Wait for few moments.

If you cannot feel the warm water inside of the colon, then, in the same child position, by one hand, move the pipe little bit in or little out. And wait.

  • When you feel the warm water inside, it may be possible that it's hard to hold. But you should try. If you cannot, it's ok.

  • Stop the water, and go for apana (WC).

If you will get success to hold little bit (5 to 7 minutes), in those minutes you should continue walking and massaging your belly clockwise and anti-clockwise by your hands.

The massage will help the intestine to lose the accumulated stool from the inner walls. After 5-7 minutes, should go for apana.

  • In the child position you don't require any extra effort, gravity will do its work.

  • Use the Luke warm water, it should not be hot.

  • Do it in the bathroom or close to the bathroom.

  • Take the tissue paper before practice to clean the pipe just after using.

  • Do it in the morning, if not possible, only then, any other time.

  • Observe the food discipline, if you are going to take it for chronic or major diseases.

  • After using it, clean all the material nicely with soap and warm water.

Common questions:
What can be added in the water?
  • Luke warm water is sufficient.

  • Can add little salt (any salt but not black)

  • Can also add 5 to 10 ml Castor oil.

  • (Some herbs and medicated oils are also used but these should be taken in the guidance of your Ayurvedic doctor).

How many days should I take it?

If you are thinking to take it just to restore the natural health and there is no major/chronic disease, then I would like suggest you in this way:

  • 1st week: regular

  • 2nd week: alternative days

  • 3rd week: 2 times

  • 4th week: onwards once a week, or whenever you realize your system is not expulsing the stool naturally.

In the situation of chronic diseases, enema can be taken continuously up to 3 weeks (21 days) and then slowly should minimize the number of enema in a week.

How many times will i have to go for apana?

Just one or two times.

What food and when should I take?

Normal food, as you usually use to take.

Fruits are the best, if you like.

Take care yourself,

Hari om!!! 🙏


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Hari 🕉!!!

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