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Importance of Fasting during & before the religious activities

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In India, we use to celebrate Navratri 02 times a year: one in the month of March and second in the month of October.

If we look then we will see these 02 months are months of changing/transition, where the wheather, season and temperatures... are changing.

So, food, clothes, daily routine also need to change gradually.

Because of this changes, we can see people oftenly use to get sick. Caugh, cold & viral fevers are very common during this time.

I think this happens because body & mind both require the adaptation with the new season, food, temperature, time etc...

Also, according to Ayurveda in rainy season vata accumulate naturally. So to get tuned with nature & releasing the excessive vata, fasting is emphasized by the Yogis.

Yogis were very intelligent so they added this fasting with Navaratras & other religious activities.

What I could understood about it, Fasting is a complete scientific process of purification of physical body & mind.

This fasting is not only emphasized in Hindu or Yogic culture but also by all meditative practitioners of different traditions, cultures & religions. Some of the yoga students know that in India every month 02 days (02 ekadashi or one Purnima & one Amavasya) fasting is very common.

This is enough to remove the unnecessary, unwanted toxins out from the body.

Nowadays, doctors also start suggesting that fasting removes the accumulated toxins from the body & calms the mind also it helps to slow down the aging process.

Doctors gave a new name of fasting called: Autophagy.

Where one has to keep fasting for 72 hours.

Autophagy reboosts & refreshes your whole system & make it renew to function again with full efficiency. It relax & charge your all vital organs to work.

Doctors said by following the practice of Autophagy people can increase their age up to 25 years 😊🙏...

In this Navaratri you can also do fasting for some days (if possible 03 days). But no need to punish yourself . Please follow nonviolence.😊🙏

Some tips for short partial fasting (Autophagy):

Morning time (before 12):

  • Warm water or warm water with lemon or warm water with honey. Can also take 01 or 02 times ginger, lemon, honey.


  • Sour juice fruits are best to eat but can also take the vegetables juice.

  • Orange (only orange is the best for whole day).

  • Pineapple, Grapes...

  • Bottle gourd, Pumpkin, Ashgourd (petha) are the best but can also take tomato, carrots, broccoli etc...


  • Same orange fruit or juice.

  • Boiled vegetables (if necessary) 😊


  • Eating the fruits are better then juices but if you are taking the juice add 30-50% of water & take it slowly...

  • For those who have kapha doshas, can add little bit black pepper powder or little bit ginger juice.

  • For those it's hard to have fasting with only juice can take boiled vegetables (that have given).

  • After 03 days or more don't start the regular food. Start with boiled vegetables.

  • If possible two days only (orange/pineapple/grapes,lemon) juice. 3rd day specific boiled vegetables. 4th day Ayurvedic khichari (more liquid) with little ghee & boiled vegetables. 5th day normal food.

  • The day you break the fasting completely avoid the oily, fried and spicy food...

  • You should not stop your daily exercise but do it slow & soft.

  • Should practice everyday pranayama & meditation.

  • If you will do fasting only with juice then avoid excessive work, traveling etc.

  • Always keep your stomach 50% empty (or atleast 25%😊)

  • Observing the silence will help to save the energy.

I hope you will all take care of yourself...

Happy Navaratras to everyone😊🌷🌹💐🕯️🙏

Stay Healthy & be blessed


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Hari 🕉!!!

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