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The Sanskrit name of aloe vera is Ghrat-kumari.

The word Kumari is used gor unmarried women or young women &

Ghrat means clarified butter.

In Ayurveda, Ghrata is considered Giver of longevity.

I think because of the wide uses of aloe vera in women's health, Yogis used to called it Ghratkumari. In India, some of Ayurveda doctors use to say this is a plant that remains you always young.

In Egypt, aloe vera is considered as a plant of Immortality. This plant is also known as Evergreen Plant.

Nature of Aloe Vera

In nature, aloe vera has cooling effects & mild virechaka (laxative). Apart from these, it has cleansing effects. Aloe vera has vitamin A, C, K & also it is anti-oxidant.

This plant is categorized under the Rasayana, so it helps to nourish all seven tissues (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow, reproductive tissue).

Uses of Aloe Vera in women health

It is an optimum & general tonic for well balanced menstrual health.

In Ayurveda, this plant is widely respected as being restorative and strengthening the women's reproductive system like the asparagus root.

Ayurvedic texts are referring to this herb repeatedly for treatment of gynecological imbalances.

You can use it for:

  • Errectic cycles

  • Pain & crumps during the menstruation

  • Menorrhagia

  • Hormonal imbalance during the periods

  • Stress, anxiety, headache during the menstruation

  • Helps to deal with hormonal changes after child birth

Common health benefits for all

External use:
  • Can use as a skin care. It make the skin soft & smooth like a baby 😊

  • Helps to protect the skin & to enhance the natural glow

  • Can use it to remove the pimples & dark spots after pimples

  • Can use it to heal the wound or if skin is burned

  • Can use it at the place of skin allergy or burning sensation

  • Can use as a hair shampoo or hair gel for dandruff & good hair

Internal use:
  • Helps to improve the digestion system & helps to cure acidity & ulcer

  • It's mild laxative so good for bowel movement

  • Should take those who are facing the problem of constipation, piles & fistula

  • Helps to heal the problem the rheumatism, arthritis & joints pain

  • Can use for 2-3 weeks as a blood, liver, kidney & urinary track purifier

  • Helps to nourish the reproductive tissues of both male & female

  • Helps to improve the level of hemoglobin & platelates of blood

How to take it

If you have natural aloe vera:

  1. Cut the leaf of the aloe vera plant

  2. Keep it perpendicular for over the night so the yellow fluid will release (bitter)

  3. Everyday, cut small part of the leaf (3-5 cm)

  4. Remove the skin by the knife or with a spoon, you can take the jelly part that is in the center

  5. You can take it natural around 1 hour before the breakfast

  6. For external use: the jelly part should be applied directly on your skin/hair... At anytime of the day

If you don't have natural aloe vera plant:

  1. Can purchase a bottle of juice

  2. 2-3 cp of the bottle with 1/2 cup of warm water

  3. Take it one hour before the breakfast


  • Excessive use of anything is bad

  • If you take it more then 45 days, should consult an Ayurveda doctor

  • Can take for 03 weeks without fear but at the beginning, during 3-5 days observe the results of it

  • It may cause diarrhea or may increase kapha

  • Morning time is the best to take it

  • If possible take it fresh


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Hari 🕉!!!

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