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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Active nose - Active brain

Almost all the Shastras (scriptures) of Ayurveda are telling "Nasahi Shirsodwaram" means that the nose is the doorway to the head (brain, mind, consciousness).

Using nose drops nourishes Prana & enlivens consciousness and intelligence.

Any medication taken through the nose will quickly triggers the mind, brain, consciousness & grossly Sadhaka Kapha (cerebral spinal fluid) and the Majja dhatu (bone-marrow tissue).

Nasyakarma is a very effective technique to promote the overall health especially for sensory organs, diseases related to brain, eyes, ears, neck & head, oral cavity, respiratory & endocrine system.

Oils to use:

  • Brahmi Ghee

  • Cow's ghee

  • Almond oil

  • Sesame oil

  • Anu-Tailam

  • Shadbindu oil

Way to use it:

  1. Lie down in supine position

  2. Instill (put) 02 drops in each nostrils

  3. 02 times inhale slightly deeper through the nose, exhale by the mouth Spit the oil if it reaches the throat

Best moment to use it:

  • The best time is just before the sleep. (Drop the bottle in warm water for two minutes, then use.)


  • Very helpful for good sleep (reduces the tiredness & mental fatigue)

  • Strengthens the eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, teeths, neck, chest

  • Reduces greying & hair falling, stress, head-ache, migraine (use the Ghee), tinnitus

  • Improves speech

  • Helps for common cold (use the Anu oil)

  • Improves the memory

Nasya Karma has almost no Contra-indications

Use it and enjoy it!


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Hari 🕉!!!

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