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My First experience in France

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Such an interesting & surprising experience!

According to the plan, me & Lily ji needed to go France to visit the parents & family members of my better half. They are living in Brittany & our flight was for Nantes that was 300 km far from their home...

One of the close friend of my wife is living close to that airport, may be 20-25 minutes distance by the car. After the marriage he was our 1st visit, so he requested to stay at his home.

So, on 17th of December at 9pm, our plane safely landed at Nantes International Airport. When we came out the plane it was very cold compare to Spain. Lily called to her friend & he replied "sorry I got late little bit so you should stay inside the Airport."

The airport was not too big so I said "let's go outside to see the place" but as we go try to come out from the gate, it was very cold & also heavy wind with light raining. So we decided to wait inside the airport. Anyway, her friend arrived, he received us and we came out from the Airport.

Just after few minutes we were on the highway (later on I came to know). So, we were on the highway but I couldn't see the Roadlights. He was driving very fast. Even there was cloudy & windy weather but I recognized other vehicles on the road also running very fast. I was trying to look both sides of the road to see the France but unfortunately I couldn't because of no Roadlights and completely darkness.

I thought maybe it's raining today that's why no electricity now, my mind say "son Mahendra you are not in Rural part of India, you are in France. Electricity cut is not possible in the France."

I recognized that both sides of the road there were plenty of trees/grass. Sometimes, it appeared that we were crossing the forest. Lily & her friend both were talking continuously in French language.

I asked to him "why there is no Road lights on this highway, is there electricity Cut ?"

He smiled & reply "brother, Government removed maximum number of the road/street lights to restore/preserve the Ecology of the Nature..."

Wow! Wow! Madre miya. Such a great decision Government took in the favor of mother Nature. It was very Surprising for me... because I was/am thinking that most of the country want to show the development by showing the lights everywhere. I think where there is need, should arrange but unnecessarily it's totally waste of energy, that's mean disturbing the ecology of the mother Nature.

Many of us might know, people who are living in the forests use the lights or fire to make the wind animals away from their living place. Most of the creatures of this nature don't like human interferences and artificial lights give them the message that there is human activity.

Essence is, this artificial lights gradually change the natural behavior of the creatures.

We belong from Yoga community so we think about non-violence towards all other beings.

Also, too much use of artificial light is good for human mind. Will talk about that later.

Another very interesting & amazing thing I saw that in Europe there is no use of Horn. No peen peen, no poon poon. By avoiding the sound pollution, they are actually helping others to preserve the peace/tranquility during the driving. The research of many wise people is clearly telling that the horn creates too much stress.

When we gone to visit grandma, I saw they have well preserved the quality of the water. The water in the streets canals and in the ponds was cristal and clear. I am really admiring the people of France & Government too for this.

I saw there were some small parks or can say gardens where the Municipal corporation bring goats & sheep, so they can eat the grass & also walk, it's good for the health of animals & helps to preserve the Nature. It was very interesting for me.

In India we can't think about such kind of project.

During the 10 days traveling, I couldn't get the opportunity to communicate with too much people, but after talking to all friends & family members, I got to know almost that all the people are engineers.

Because most of the people can do almost all kind of works like: work of carpenter, electrician, plumber, machinist, whitewasher & many other... Most of the small small things in the home they use to do by themselves... it's a good thing.

They are good examples to become a self dependent person.

All the people have the job or have their own business. Nobody has time in working days, the husband is working & the wife is also in work. They have less time to spend with family & others. I think that's why they plan their holidays in advance & more nicely.

The expression of Romance or Love is long lasting...

I think people don't hide their love even in the old days. They also love to maintain their outlook & clothings specifically women.

Before leaving the parents home, it was around 8:30 am, and I wanted to talk to grandmother by videocall (because she was living another place).

Lily said "no, she will not talk at this time",

then I said "I think she must get up at this time."

Lily ji replied me, "yes at this time must got up but without preparing (means all make up & nice clothings) herself she will not come on videocall."

Actually (at 87 years old), I realized she is very alive, active, disciplined & beauty lover lady. Grandmother is not the only one like this, other women & male also are same like that.

I think people love the Beauty.

In India, people can say they also love the beauty but I realized after the age of 50, the majority are not giving the importance of external looking. They use to say, "ooh now it's my time, my time has passed, now it's time for children to look beautiful/handsome." Anyway for me it was very interesting. I am judging what is good & what is bad. Haha

There are lot of good things... in short:

"Mother Nature Is dancing in Brittany, France."

I thing People should go there. There are big big agricultural farms, big big forests. Everywhere it looks that mother nature is wearing clothes of greenery.

I faced little inconveniences also...

I realized people are much formals.

I belong from the rural background & I don't know formalities.

My formula is very simple once I get to know a particular person is humble, honest, kind-hearted, I don't think about the formalities. I use to open my heart forever.

That day, we gone in a French Restaurant. when I saw 04-04 different equipments on the table,

I asked to Lily ji "are they going to prepare & cook the vegetables or going for fight."

She asked "why ?"

I said "there are 08 weapons on the table."

I was looking only one simple spoon & even that was not available but anyway some how I eat the food with other weapons. HAHA.

I realized every person took off the jackets in the restaurant even if they were feeling cold 🥶. People were following others. They may think "others are not wearing so how I can wear." It was funny but truth.

There are lot of other things... For example: people can't laugh openly, can't do burping after having good meal, can't relies the apan vayu (fart), even person can't do sneezing or can't show yawning.

I thing these things are natural, should not stop. Actually according to Ayurveda these unvoluntary actions help the body & mind to maintain the health...

Anyway it was very nice trip for me. I got to know a little bit what challenges people use to face & what good things are making people' life convenient...

Thank you for reading...


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Hari 🕉!!!

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