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My first experience in Europe

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Namaste everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the festivities on this end of 2021.

Today, on 28th of December 2021, I am completing one month in Europe. Some of the positive things I observed that I want to share with you.

Honestly telling, I had a fear, some worries also when I was leaving the India. Worries about the people, the culture, the food, the place… But I had to come to fulfil the dharma of a husband. Some of you know that I belong from a rural background and religious family where Samskaras, moral qualities are considered a jewelry of a person. So, for me, marriage is a commitment with my life partner.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I warmly have been welcomed by my wife and one of her friend. From Barcelona to home, during this one and half hour traveling by the car, I observed the balance between the nature and the development.

It was a feeling of “WOW” for me!

Very good roads, landscapes of forest, mountains, tunnels, structures of houses, some villages, farming lands, the sea, road signage, disciplined driving, cleanliness, the blue color of the sky… Also the proper security fencing where there is forest along the road for the protection of the wild animals.

In short, Nature is filled with the trees, greeneries, pure air, crystalline water in the sea, lot of birds singing all the time…

The one point that highly appeals to me is the cleanliness everywhere.

I noticed that roads, streets, gardens, beaches, all things are neat and clean.

For throwing the garbage, there is a proper arrangement of different kind of garbage boxes are in every streets. Somewhere, 4-5 or somewhere 6 big garbage boxes that I had never seen before.

Instructions properly mentioned on each ones: for plastics, for crystals, for papers and others too… There is a proper arrangement of the garbage vehicles by the municipal corporation that pick the garbage from the garbage boxes.

Municipalities also arrange other kind of vehicles to keep the roads and streets clean: grass cutter, removing the fallen leaves/branches of the trees, and also modern/electronic tools to nicely cut the extra branches to make the trees beautiful.

The most important thing, disciplined citizens of the town/city. People are respecting the Nature, they don’t throw the waste here and there.

Few years ago, when I gone to meet my Guru ji, in Kabir Ashram, I read one quotation: “Where there is a purity, there is the Divinity”.

Here I could see the purity in the air, water, food, atmosphere,...

Can we also do something to make this sentence true? Yes, all together, we can do anything or, at least, we can make the things little better from the current situation.

  • About the food: purchase only that amount of food, vegetables etc… that you will consume timely.

  • Whenever you feel that you can't consume the food and unfortunately have to throw it, still try to think the best use of it; if possible can give to others, may be animals… And, at the end, when no other possibilities, then throw it at proper place. So, that it can be use properly to make the organic fertilizers.

  • We should remember the food we are purchasing from the market are the result of lot of efforts & energy… And many people in the world have to sleep without food... So just try to respect the food. Anna (food) is the blessings of Mother Nature.

  • Try to offer other usable things (clothes, shoes...) to needy people rather than throwing them in the garbage.

  • Other things made up by paper, plastics & glasses: throw it separately at their places (separate garbage boxes).

Say to yourself "I will not make my Mother Earth dirty"... Don't make an excuse that others are not doing then why only me?

I have much more to share, but will be another day :)


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Hari 🕉!!!

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