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Mind, thoughts and our problems

There is a very famous song of indian movie: "kora kagaj tha ye man (mind) mera! Likh diya nam us par tera!!" it means "my mind was like a blank paper, but I wrote your name (beloved one) on it" this is just a song but there is a reality in these words.

What reality ? We all had the mind like a white paper (pure, uncontaminated) in the childhood but by the time as slowly we grow, the subtle imprints starts on this blank paper, the mind. These imprints comes from outside/environment/family/society... through touch, taste, form, smell, listening etc.

Actually, we all are carrying the imprints of all the positive/negative thoughts, feelings, emotions that is given by our family, society and surroundings.

With the observation, we will find that everyone help us or encourage us to load and accumulate these imprints, but nobody is teaching us how to unload or stop this accumulation of thoughts, feelings, etc...

Yogis and wise people use to say "the human mind have immense power that can heal all our physical, mental and all other problems that we are facing now a days."

Where is the mind?

Most of us use to think that the mind is in the brain. That's may be truth but I think it's not fully truth.

The man who said: "The mind is in the brain", was Wilder Penfield, a canadien surgen who got novel price for that, after few years later he apologized for his research and said:

Mind is not in the brain because brain is a small organ which can't hold the mind.

Our Yogis are telling that mind is everywhere that's inside the body and outside too. Mind is individual and universal (also called consciousness) too. Individual Mind is the canvas where thoughts are projected all the time.

Each of our cells have its own memory, own mind that we can see in the nature, every living being passing the biological and other caracteristics/qualities in their next generation. And not only the living creatures, but also the plants, herbs...

For example, the sugar cane plant carries the sweetness wherever it grows. It never be bitter because sweetness is in the memory of each and every molecular of its trunk.

We all are carrying some unique memories/mind of our ancestors. It could be positive or negative.

So it's clear that each and every cell of our bones, muscles, tissues and neurons has its own memory.

We can increase or develop this memory positively or negativity through certain activities...

Now, what about our individual mind?

Modern science is telling that common people use to have 60-70 thoughts per minute means that more than one thought in one seconds! It may appears horrible for you but you don't need to worry about those thoughts: most of them are just coming and going.

These thoughts are routine thoughts. They are just like clouds in the sky, coming and going. These thoughts are not actually your problems.

But, if you start believing that they really are your problems, and you start identifying yourself with a particular kind of personality (especially negative) based on some thoughts, feelings... then, you will start thinking you should destroy your thoughts or eliminate them. Then, I would like to say my friends you can't eliminate them in this life with this attitude. If it was so easy, why would Yogis need to go to the forests and Himalaya for the meditative practices. The point is this: you should understand them otherwise, rather than eliminate them, you will accumulate and strengthen more thoughts, feelings, that's means more burden of your problems and sufferings.

Then, what is the solution ?

You must believe that "thoughts are not permanents, specifically negative ones". Whatever other people think about you, let them think. Don't worry about that. Because your problem is not the excessive thoughts, your problem is negative thoughts and there is a chain/loop or cycle of negative thoughts and feelings.

If you realize that there are constantly same kind of negative thoughts and feelings coming in your mind then yes sure you should work on it.

I would like to share the words of a great indian Yogi, Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain, that will be very helpful for you. He said:

"Every human is a meditator, Whatsover one meditates one becomes."

It means the object(s) of your meditation (or contemplation/focus/thinking) is very important. In short, if you are always talking, discusing, thinking about negative things that means you are lengthening those negative things unknowingly.

So, you should closely observe yourself, what are your interests and hobbies, food, activities, behavior with others and most important is your company (with whom you are living, talking, spending the time). Observe what things, subjects attracts your attention the most ? Try to examine in which things your mind oftenly take interest ?

Observe what things, subjects (positive or negative) you talk about most oftenly.

I hope you will find the cause and source of your problems. Apart from these all, also try to know where you spend more time on social media or different news channel ?

I think that news channels and other social media plataforms are one of the major cause of our excessive and negative thinkings because they highlight the negative news more than the positive. 2nd thing the information we are getting now a days through these channels that's almost useless specifically when you want to minimize the thoughts, stress...etc. Because unknowing and unwillingly we are putting unnecessary garbages (burden) inside the mind. On surface this information looks useful and good, but that excessive useless information makes us confused, frustated, unsteady and unstable.

Your self-observation is the key.

That's in your hand. But I know that to change the thinking process and mind is not easy. It takes time. Here you will have to guide and train your mind like a intelligent mother trains the small naughty baby. I strongly believe that Vippassana centers are the best places for that. Living in good Ashrams or monestry for few weeks is also a good option. The daily practice of asanas and pranayama is also an effective way.

Take care yourself and be blessed

Hari om!!! 🙏


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Hari 🕉!!!

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