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Pranayama & Meditation

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4 weeks practice of Pranayama and Meditation guided by Mahendra ji.

The classes are online via Zoom App and/or available with the recordings.


Free Online Classes

Pranayama & Ayurveda

Every month, we are providing one class of Pranayama and one class of Ayurveda with a special topic.

The classes are on the App Zoom and totally Free. 

Our Community Opens Their Hearts

Virginie Sourou, France.

“Beautiful experience. Mahendra knows how to guide us in a very efficient way in order to progress and feel the positive change happening within. I love every second of it. More energy, connexion with my body and my higher self. I can only recommend Mahendra for his kindness and wonderful way to teach. Don’t think twice. Go for it if you wanna feel better about yourself."

Natasha Hill, UK.

As a yoga instructor, I joined Mahendra hoping to further develop my own pranayama practice but I have gained that and so much more.

His warm, genuine and engaging way of imparting his incredible depth of knowledge put me completely at ease. Mahendra combines so many elements in his teaching including proper techniques and their benefits, meditation, philosophy, tradition and Aryuveda. It means that every practice, I learn something new that furthers my understanding of yoga and myself.

And it makes me feel wonderful ! My lungs are stronger, my mind more settled and I feel an inner glow of energy.

Prana Awakening has enhanced my life for which I am grateful.

I thoroughly recommend Mahendra Ji and Lili Ji from my heart.

Ivana Kipic Zadro, Spain.

"Mahendra is a kind, selfless and humble soul and yet knowledgeable and wise. He's full of light and his teachings are easy to understand. I did a course with him in India and just now finished an online Pranayama course. It was beautiful. We learned a lot in 10 days and if we missed a class, we had videos sent via email to us. recommended

Thank you Mahendra Ji.


Hari OM"

Mamen Melon, Australia.

"The pranayama practice with Mahendra Ji makes my body and mind feel light I feel so grateful and blessed to participate in the classes and be able to share his knowledge and attitude towards life. Namaste Ji"

Thimothy Bourdon, Spain.

"Mahendra clearly has a very deep understanding of yoga and pranayama. He's able to teach it in a way that is easy to relate to. The classes were serious but relaxed and fun. A great mix of information and practice. He also sent us daily summaries of class with extra tips.

He interacts with everyone and is genuinely interested in your progress and feedback.

I'd recommend him for anyone no matter their level of experience.

And he's a really nice guy!"

Stefanie Arrieta, Venezuela.

"Mahendra is an excellent teacher, his way of naturally dreaming you will adopt better habits in your lifestyle, I am very happy to have him as a teacher ... Being in his classes is a really beautiful experience"

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