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"Balance of Prana (vital energy) in our body brings good health and Imbalance of Prana means dis-ease".

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Yoga & Prana Nidra

Yoga Philosophy

In our classes we emphasize the practice on traditional Yoga in the light of ancient scriptures,

the ancestral traditions of India.

The principal ingredient of our classes is Pranayama with some Meditation techniques and ayurvedic tips for a healthier life. In some of our courses, we are also including the study of Vedic texts and learning of mantras.
Our classes deal with aspects of Yoga from its origins to guide you with traditional & authentic yogic methods of India.

Yoga is a process of inquiring and discovering the sources of constant higher pleasure and peace within. 

Any object that is outside of your body can't give you the assurance of life-long happiness and peace.

Our practices in the classes bring one into a state of peace, tranquility and equilibrium by facilitating the faculty of Prana. Prana is the source of life, that is the root of our existence. Ayama (expansion) of the prana through breathing techniques is called Pranayama.

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Our Community Opens Their Hearts

Flor de loto
Very nice pranayama classes, detailed exercises and techniques. Level increases step by step and provides a deep feeling of relaxation and mind purification.

Manon Armanet, France.

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