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Prāṇāyāma • meditation • yoga philosophy

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"Balance of Prana (vital energy) in our body brings good health.
Imbalance of Prana means dis-ease".

In our classes, we emphasize the practice of traditional Yoga in the light of ancient scriptures, the ancestral traditions of India.

Luz de la tarde

• Pranayama
• Relaxation & Meditation
• Yoga Nidra & Prana Nidra

• Yoga Philosophy

• Sacred texts (shastras) understanding
• Ayurveda

Prana is the source of life, the root of our existence. Ayama (expansion) of the prana through breathing techniques is called Pranayama.

Yoga is a process of inquiry, and of discovering the higher source of consistent pleasure and peace within.

An object outside of your body cannot give the assurance of life-long happiness and peace.

Guided by the ancient sacred yogic texts, our teachings utilize the aspects of Yoga from its origins to guide you in the traditional and authentic form of yoga.

These practices bring one into a state of peace, tranquility and equilibrium by facilitating the potential of Prana.

We are taking a break from online classes...
But some of our past programs are available in the recording section:

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