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Namaste everyone... Here we are providing you a resume of the chakras, their qualities and functions. Knowing them is very useful, especially for visualization meditations or for mantra chanting (beej mantra to unlock some blockages)...


The primary foundation, root, the storehouse of kundalini energy

❤️ 2 fingers above the coccyx

❤️ Beej mantra: LAM

❤️ Element: Earth

❤️ Color: red

❤️ Characteristic +: Security

❤️ Characteristic -: Fears

Muladhara is the first energy center and symbolizes our connection to Earth. Feeling safe, protected on this planet where we have come to experience the life. It is related to physical energy and the desire to live in physical reality (physical health and vitality of our body).

When the life force is fully functional in the 3 lower chakras, clear physical potency can be seen. The coccyx acts as an energy pump on the etheric level, aiding the direct flow of energy into the spine.

The root chakra represents "darkness" just as the crown chakra represents light. We go through darkness to re-find ourselves, to recognize our spiritual essence.

This chakra covers the entire body area from the pelvis to the bottom, including the feet, legs, hips, and kidneys.

A deficiency in this chakra can cause discomfort, symptoms or accidents in these areas. Examples: kidney failure, bones, large intestine, anus, rectum, prostate, anemia, low pressure, fatigue, constipation, circulation problem, obesity... Its principal imbalance is the fear.

If we move from a closed root chakra, it will be difficult to find our place in the world. The fear that this Planet is not a safe place to live.


The second chakra is the temple of emotions, of flow, of letting go the control and indulging in experiences with no strings attached.

🧡 2 fingers above muladhara, close to the genitals, the creation

🧡 Beej mantra: VAM

🧡 Element: Water

🧡 Color: orange

🧡 Characteristic +: Desires/creativity

🧡 Characteristic -: Inactivity/guilty

It is the ability to gracefully overcome experiences and challenges, to find beauty in the storm and to know how to create harmony even when things are difficult.

It is the center of pleasure, of enjoyment, it has to do with a playful mentality, being children again and finding curiosity about life. To live the life with joy. It is also the center of sexual energies and creative forces.

Its field of action includes the organs of procreation. Its element is water that nourishes and allows life and purifies.

In the body, it corresponds to the kidneys, the bladder with its detoxifying and excretory activity. Its subtle field is related to liberation and letting feelings flow.

One of Swadhisthana's great blockages is guilt, stagnation, and inactivity that block the creative source and place us in a static place where the river waters cannot flow.


Manipura represents our individuality, the development of the ego, our inner Sun.

The will, discipline, determination, the fire of the digestive system that transmutes food and the internal fire that transmutes experiences, challenges and emotions into learning and light.

💛 Navel area. Mani means jewels and Pura, city… The place of jewels

💛 Beej mantra: RAM

💛 Element: Fire

💛 Color: Yellow

💛 Characteristic +: Good will/humbly

💛 Characteristic -: Lack of faith/victimhood

Manipura has to do with a great challenge for the human being because here it depends on how he uses his power to climb one more step and access the temple of the heart and the higher chakras.

When the Manipura chakra works correctly, the person feels invaded by a state of peace, calm and internal harmony. His thoughts are noble and fair.

The person accepts life experiences as something necessary for his evolution and as lessons.

If it is out of balance, there is lack of tolerance and lack of respect for others. But also pride, arrogance, intolerance, manipulation, as well as a lack of self-esteem, discipline and determination (victimhood is a big imbalance of Manipura). Usually, a blocked solar plexus suffers from stress and anxiety because it has not learned to handle experiences and transmute emotions.


The main characteristic of this chakra is love and compassion. The understanding and the understanding that we are one. Anahata is the center that unifies the three lower chakras and the three upper chakras.

💚 Where the last ribs join together (heart) When the flower is blooming, expansion

💚 Beej mantra: YAM

💚 Element: Air

💚 Color: Green

💚 Characteristic +: Love/compassion

💚 Characteristic -: Envy/lack of sensibility

It represents the nobility of the Heart and the transcendence of selfishness. The love we share, the times we forgive, the gratitude we feel, the service we deliver.

One of the greatest balancing qualities of Anahata is the acceptance. The acceptance of the experience of life as it is, with love and pain.

An open heart chakra offers balance in the mind and emotions, provides greater empathy and ability to offer and receive unconditional love as well as awareness of the consequences of your actions. When Anahata is healthy, the simple things in life are valued more and you experience greater satisfaction with what you have.

Imbalance: closing yourself to love. Fear of intimacy. Always put yourself in the role of the rescuer or, on the contrary, fall into victimization. Excessive isolation, depression, loneliness, insensitivity, passive and sad attitude.


Vishuddhi is the temple of expression, of manifestation. Through the words, we recognize our part as creators of reality.

💙 Throat, communication

💙 Beej mantra: HAM

💙 Element: Space

💙 Color: Blue

💙 Characteristic +: Expression/true

💙 Characteristic -: Repression/lie

Vishuddhi balance involves the work of listening and expressiveness.

An unbalanced vishuddhi can fall into the superficial word, into selfish communication, and in many cases into manipulation. For its balance, it is necessary to communicate clearly and listen carefully.

It is also associated with the sense of hearing. This implies the importance of learning to listen to that inner voice that transcends our sense of individuality and that shows us our way in life.

The fifth chakra is the energetic center of the expression of our pure being, of creativity and of communication. This chakra allows that we find our most authentic being: our truth. When that happens, we have more clarity of what is our path and duty in life (dharma).

Imbalance: shyness, difficulty in communication (any type, art, writing, speaking, dancing...), shame, lies, lack of originality, wanting to look like others.


Along with the fifth and seventh chakra, the sixth chakra links us to spiritual life.

💜 3 rd eye, Guide, knowledge that come from ourselves, intuition

💜 Beej mantra: AUM

💜 Color: Blue/purple

💜 Characteristic +: Intuition

💜 Characteristic -: Confusion

To open our two physical eyes, we had to close our third eye, the spiritual eye. To reopen the spiritual eye, it is necessary for a moment to close the physical eyes.

Ajna is the seed of intuition and is related to clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, the ability to see energy, the imaginative and visual capacity, the connection with dreams and perception. This chakra is associated with psychics or people who can see beyond the ordinary gaze.

Ajna is our inner eye, the one that gives us the vision to tune into intuition and connect with our spirit guides. On the one hand we have the intuition, that it is a healthy pole of Ajna, but taken to the extreme, it becomes magical thought, and a person who operates in this modality can produce conclusions that are unfounded.

On the contrary, when a person deals exclusively with rationalistic thinking, dialogues become an exchange devoid of any personal and emotional meaning. The balance of these two parts, the rational and the intuitive, stimulates the pineal and pituitary gland, producing an integral balance between the hemispheres of the brain.

Physically, his energy is connected with sight, head, and his qualities affect memory and concentration. Ajna's strength is intuition, our ability to connect with the spirit and universal wisdom.


The seventh chakra is our most purely spiritual energy. It is the force that opens us to enlightenment, as it completes the process of evolution by returning to the universe the energy that created our individual being. We become one with the universe again and we are aligned with the holiest expression of ourselves.

🤍 Crown chakra

🤍 It has not polarity, its element is the emptiness and its mantra is the silent.

Sahasrara is the culmination of the journey of human experience. It is the temple of essence and truth beyond time, space and matter.

The first chakra connects us to Earth, Sahasrara connects us to Heaven and Divinity.

We return to our true essence. The ultimate goal of the yoga tradition is to reach this level of consciousness. This is where the true state of yoga occurs.

It functions as an antenna, a receiver of divine energy that reaches us in the form of inspiration, guidance, and protection. It brings us into contact with the eternal, that which does not die, the permanent part of the soul.

The wisdom of each life accumulates in this center and represents the total transcendence of what is earthly, fleeting and transitory. It is the consciousness of oneself and of the universe at the same time. The crown chakra represents an enlightened state of consciousness known also as Samadhi.

Hari om!!! 🙏


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