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Karma: my experience - Story 01

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Can the understanding of Karma help to deal with the suffering?

This story happened with me last October 2020.

I have 3 brothers living in Ghaziabad, close to Delhi: Pramod ji, Ravi ji and youngest one Pushpendra ji.

One day, Pramod ji called me and gave me the information that police came at our mobile shop and arrested Ravi in one fraud case. All the family members got shocked with that incidence. We belong from the village side and such a new even cannot be imagined in a dream!

This was first incidence that someone arrested by the police from my family.

Pramod ji gave to me all the information through the call.

How it happened?

One known person gave the new mobile to Ravi, Ravi took this mobile and asked for the invoice. He said "I will provide you in two days, don't worry about this". Ravi trusted him and let it go without the bill. After two days, he sold this mobile to someone, without the original bill.

In India, the original bill serves to pay the taxes to the Government. Another is the simple bill that shows from where you purchase, and the price of the article.

After 3-4 days, suddently police came with the known guy who sold the mobile to Ravi and, asked about the mobile, but it was already sold. They asked about the bill, but he couldn't provide... So, the police found that Ravi sold one illegal mobile and arrested him directly.

One is the case of theft, because the new mobile was stolen by someone else. And one is the case of fraud, because he didn't gave the original bill.

Me and other brothers (Pramod ji and Pushpendra ji) known Ravi very well that he never took care about the maintenance of paper works,... Sometimes, we suggested him to maintain the proper documentations about the bills of mobiles, mobile sim cards but he never gave the importance of it.

He was running the shop since more than 07 years. Everything was fine.

But as we know, if we are not following the rules of the road, accident may happen at anytime. Sonner or later.

Same thing happened with Ravi...




Who was responsible for the suffering?

One person was responsible for the act, and see: the whole family was in suffering. His wife, parents, brothers and friends also trying to bring him back from the jail.

For the family it was really the biggest suffering but I was taking it as the fruit of his Karma. We know that we harvest the fruits that we sow.

So Ravi suffered because of his Karma, others family members, maybe because of the love and attachment for him?

How I deal with that painful situation?

Actually I compared it with my own experience... The time Pramod ji called me, I was thinking why I couldn't get the chapatis in my lunch? In the previous night, the family from where I used to receive the food insisted me, with love, to take more food. And, I left one chapati from my dinner out of three.

Nature is the supreme judge, you cannot hide anything. Either you are aware or not. Nature will give you back according to your Karma.

My understanding of Karma helps me a lot to remain calm and in balance in whole situation.

Here, I am remembering the words of Ramayana:

कर्म प्रधान विश्व रची राखा, जो जस कराई सोत्तस फल चाखा ; रामायण|

"Karma pradhan vishwa rachi rakha, Jo jaskarai so tasa phala chakha" ~ Goswami Tulsidas In Ramayana.

Deeds are of supreme importance in this Universe. Whatever a person does, he is punished or rewarded accordingly...


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Hari 🕉!!!

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