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As every coin has two sides, every phase of the moon also has two sides.

One is Purnima (full moon) & second is Amavasya called no moon. No moon is the dark side of the moon, totally opposite of full moon.

On this night, the moon is completely absent, the night is completely dark.

This is believed that this particular night, is a night of Negative energies/ghost/demons. The energy of ghost is on the high peak.

You might have heard in the stories of black magics, Tantrics used to wait for this night for calling the negative energies or ghosts.

Yogis tell that in the night of Full Moon, positive energy showers from the moon, but, in the night of No Moon, negative energy is pulled up by the moon.

As a result of that, mental problems or emotional imbalance or both can be observed...

In Hindu Culture, on this particular day, people also use to do some rituals for the Shanti (peace) of ancestors; remembering them and offering them food and other things...

Some people believe that, this day, ancestors use to come on the Earth to see/bless their well-wishers....

In the Full Moon, I shared a bit about the Soma.

Soma was an important drink of energy and intoxication in the Vedic period. This juice is extracted from the stalks of the plant and drink is made.

The Moon God is also called as Somadev as he is thought to be the storehouse of this Juice.

The Moon wanes when Moon God drinks out of the store of this drinks/juice and when the stores depletes completely, that is called Amavasya or No Moon 😊🙏... means no positive energy remains in the Store house called Amavasya.

So, this night we should lit the lamp/deepak or do some meditative practices to protect ourselves from the negative influences...


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Hari 🕉!!!

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