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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Dhauti is a cleansing technique.

Dhauti means “purification” in Sanskrit and is derived from the root “dhoo” that means to wash.

Dhauti is 1st cleaning technique of Shatkarma according to "Gheranda Samhita" and one of the 6 cleansing techniques decribed by Hatha Yoga.

This yogic technique improves digestive and respiratory health.

Vaman Dhauti is a purification technique of your stomach & thoracic region by voluntary vomiting with the help of luke warm saline water. In Vaman Dhauti the accumulated food content, bile (kind of mucus having acid), expelled by the strong muscular contraction of the abdomen...


  • Helpful in all types of pitta & kapha problems.

By Gheranda Samhita:

  • Eliminates indigestion, gastric, hyperacidity.

  • Controls the hunger & help to reduce the weight.

  • Alleviates loss of appetite.

  • Helps in constipation.

  • Highly beneficial for asthma patients.

  • Eradicate nasal congestion.


Facing the problem of High blood pressure, Heart disease, hernia , ulcer... please ask to your teacher. Not recommended during the pregnancy


Vaman dhauti:

  1. Drink 3 to 4 glasses of lukewarm saline water in squat position.

  2. Stand up & make the comfortable gap between the feet.

  3. Slightly lean forward & gently rub the root of the tongue with the fingers or rub the root of the upper palate by the thumb (constantly few seconds). Because of intragastric pressure, the water automatically comes out from your stomach.....

In the beginning, few attempts only 50-60 or 70% of water will come out. So, no need to worry about it. After few months of practice, you would able to expel 100% of water with salty and bitter mucus and bile.

Danda dhauti:

  1. After drinking the lukewarm saline water, swallow the catheter (plastic tube) 2/3 of the size.

  2. Then, visualize that I am exhaling through the pipe & then water automatically start coming through the pipe.

In the beginning, only 50%-60% of the water may come out... It's ok...


  • Young yogis twice a month.

  • After age of 45-50, once a month.

  • Facing the problem of kapha & pitta, practice once a week.


  • Best food after the Vaman is only & only the Kitchari with Ghee.

  • Always drink the water in squat position and don’t take much time.


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Hari 🕉!!!

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