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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

The Sanskrit word Sankalpa (or Sankalp) can be translated as "resolve" or "resolution". means an intention formed by the heart & mind, a solemn vow, strong determination, or will. Or "Sankalpa is a firm determination to become something or to do something in your life". In yogic culture, sankalpa means one pointed resolve to focus on specific goal or higher goal of life.

Sankalpa is a positive declaration or affirmation that helps to recall your inner energy & putting it in one particular direction for achieving the goals.
The moment somebody takes the sankalpa, a wave of energy occurs from the bottom of the heart & push the mind to think & move towards the goal.

The energy of scattered mind, unsteady mind always make the people crazy, agitated, worried, stressed & depressed too because energy of the mind is not properly (wisely) used.

Actually, this uncontrolled energy is the most dangerous enemy of the human brain. What I feel, sankalpa is a kind of energy coming from the heart to centralize this energy and project it in one direction for one purpose/goal.

By using the Sankalpa (Shakti), we can change our thinking process, bad habits (adictions), even whole personality.

So I would like to say sankalpa can be key point of the success.

Sankalpa in yoga nidra:

As we most of us know that Sankalpa is an important point of the Yoga nidra.

In yoga nidra, sankalpa is a tool/ technique to show the seeds of positive sanskara for big transformation of mind, body & whole personality.

Sankalpa slowly, gradually reshapes the mind in positive direction and, as a result of it, the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions automatically gradually get weaken & destroyed.

During the practice of yoga nidra the mind is very receptive & sensitive to autosuggestion in the form of sankalpa. So, it is completely possible to plant the seed of sankalpa deep in the Subconscious mind.

Once planted, the sankalpa gathers the vast forces of the mind in order to brings about its fruition.

"At first the Sankalpa is merely a conscious resolve, but eventuality it becomes a very powerful conscious force." This deeper force will eventually manifest itself again at conscious level & bring about changes in our personality & in our practical life.

Sankalpa is a very powerful instrument in the hands of humans.

The purpose of the sankalpa is not to fulfil desires but to create inner strength (or endurance) in the structure of mind for higher goals of life. Or we can say, it sankalpa is a force will.

This sankalpa can create a direction of our whole life if we use it wisely.

Cause of weak sankalpa

  • Lack of understanding about how the mind works.

  • Lack of awareness about thinking process & actions

  • Repeatedly swearing but not trying to complete the actions.

  • Satisfying yourself & others by making excuses.

Some tips to make your Sankalpa (will power) strong

  • Train your mind by completing small small works.

  • Don't take work if something you don't want to do or you can't do.

  • Small small things can increase the will power like...👇Saying to yourself:

  1. Today I will not take grains or other cooked food. Do it.

  2. Today I will not smoke, or will not take non-veg, alcohol... etc. Do it.

  3. Today I will not see my mobile for 3-4-5... hours. Do it.

  4. Today I will read 3-4-5 pages of particular book. Do it.

  5. Today I will practice one hour asanas... Do it.

  6. Today's meditation I will not Change my posture for 15-20-30... minutes. Do it.

  7. Today I will take chocolate, ice cream... 😊 Do it.

  8. Tomorrow I will wake up at 5 am... 🕯️Do it...

Means train your mind & make it strong by fulfilling your small small sankalpas in daily routine... Don't do commitment if you can't do or don't want to do...

Sharing about my experience...

  • I realized many times that with the help of sankalpa I could able to sit in one asana for one hour or more than one hour.

  • Some of my fellow practitioners also shared same experience. Their capacity, inner strength to sit in one asana have increased with the help of Sankalpa...

  • Lily ji also shared that it was the power of Sankalpa by which we could able to got married just in 03 weeks 😊🙏

Train your mind

Be strong & be blessed


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Hari 🕉!!!

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