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Holi Festival

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Holi Festival, festival of Colours, festival of Love, festival of Spring.

What is it?

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the "festival of love", the "festival of colours", and the "festival of spring".

The festival celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha and Krishna. It also signifies the triumph of good over evil.

Holi celebrates after the autumn (at the end of winter). At this time new leaves come on the trees. Trees, forest grow green after the autumn.

Nature is filled with the colorful flowers. These days, it looks like Nature is dancing... So, by these all, I think nature is giving the message to the humans that grow your love again whatever complications have been in your relationships, forget it all. I would love to say, yes this the really the "festival of love".

What people use to do on this particular day?

In different regions, people celebrate in many different ways but one thing is common in this particular festival that people use to go in each other's home, they hug each other's, apologize (if any mistake is made) & forgive. So I can say strongly this is festival of "Forget and Forgive".

So, Holi Festival is best time to repair your broken relationships.

In some of the regions, specially in my state (Uttar Pradesh), people of the villages use to make the small music band (group of musicians & singers).

They used to sing folk songs with local music instruments. As far as I remember, around 20 years ago, in my village this group was get active around 2-3 weeks ago.

This group used to move from one street to another street by singing nice folk songs (called fag or fagua) & playing the music instruments.

I recognized one thing that, this group definitely used to go to the home in which any death took place... I think it was small effort to share the sorrow of that family, or to tell them we all are with you in your problems... Sorry... Now this tradition is almost over...

When is it celebrated?

It lasts for a night and a day, starting on the evening of the Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Hindu calendar month of Phalguna, which falls around middle of March in the Gregorian calendar. The first evening is known as Holika Dahan (burning of demon holika) or Chhoti Holi and the following day as Holi, Rangwali Holi or Dhuleti, Dhulandi.

What is the ritual on this day?

Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika Dahan where people gather/perform religious rituals in front of the bonfire. They pray that their internal evil be destroyed the way Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashyap, was killed in the fire.

Actually, in the stories, Holika sits in fire with her nephew Dhruva (who was devotee of Lord). Dhruva's father against of it. He was telling, “worship me, not the God”. He had ego that I have the Supreme power because God has given me the boon of Immortality. Stories tell Demon's sister Holika also had ego that fire can't burn me. But at the end, Dhruva survived in bonfire by grace of God & Holika got burnt. Essence is that Good won over evil. So, next day people use to celebrate the Victory by throwing/spreading the colors... Or by offering the sweets each other’s... by hugging each other’s...

The festival celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha and Krishna.

Other story is the legend of Krishna as a youth, he is depicted as playing all sorts or pranks with the gopis (female cowherds). One prank was to throw coloured powder all over them. So on Holi, images of Krishna are often carried through the streets and is also associated with the Devine Dance known as Raaslila staged by Lord Krishna for the benefit of his devout gopis.

For those who want to see the Serie of Radha & Krishna, we have prepared it for you (in Hindi with subtitles in Spanish) on our Library. Enjoy it!

So say sorry to your family members/friends for the mistakes & also forgive to all... & Let's celebrate the Holi & grow the seed of Love again in your Heart ...

My humble Salutations/ Namaste to all my Gurus, teachers, elders & Best wishes to all friends...


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Hari 🕉!!!

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