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Solutions for good sleep according to Yoga & Ayurveda

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

We must understand one thing that God bless us the night to relax, so, whatever you are doing whole day, close everything by the evening.

Therefore, whatever activity you have to do after the sunset (2 or 3 hours before the sleep) it should not be distracting/disturbing. For example, if your study delay your sleep, then you should avoid it.

  • Make a good routine: train your mind to go on the bed at the same time every night. It may take some days, maybe some weeks but definitely your mind will get the habit.

  • If possible, don’t use your bedroom for other work, like watching the TV, using the mobile, study on the sleeping bed... Your mind should have the strong sense that bed is only for sleeping.


  1. Use very light lights for relaxing your eyes. If possible use only the candle or the lamp.

  2. Take very light dinner 2 or 3 hours before.

  3. Can use some perfumes or incenses that suits/relax you.

  4. Comfortable clothes.

Meditation can do:

  • Nadhi dhyana: observe the belly button rising falling down.

  • Shunya dhyana: see everything is shunya, emptiness, nothing.

  • Chidakasha dhyana: close the lights, see the darkness around you

  • SO-HAM Mantra: So inhale – Ham exhale.

  • With the exhalation, mentally recite the mantra OM.

  • Can recite Vaisagya mantra / Guru mantra.

  • See the body from the top, as this is someone else’s body, as you are just an observer or seer of it.

  • Trataka for few minutes.

Pranayama can do:

Ayurvedic & Naturopathic tips can do every day:

  • Mardana, massage of head/neck/feet.

  • Nasya: use the ghee or almond oil just before going to the bed.

  • Turmeric milk, can use the honey.

  • Banana tea can use the honey.

  • Put a wet small towel on the eyes and forehead for 5-7 minutes.

  • Bath: warm water bath or salty warm water bath (don’t put the warm water on the head)

  • Warm water feet bath (wet cloth on the top of the head). If somebody has heart disease, can ask your doctor.

  • Cold coating on the face like a sandal wood powder.

  • Add the curd & ghee in your diet.

  • See in which direction your head is: not have to be on the north or south.

  • Can use some of the seeds for the healthy brain like almond, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds…

  • You can take the Shirodhara treatment if you are facing lack of sleep continuously.

Some herbs may help:

You should ask to your Ayurveda doctor, but some common herbs can be used:

  • Bhrami.

  • Ashwagandha.

  • Shankhapushpi in summer season.

  • Medhavati.


  • Avoid your mind with stimulations: tea, coffee, Tabaco, alcohol and other stimulants, non-veg food (especially in night), too much species, too much salts and white sugar.

  • Stop the Social Medias 2 hours before going to the bed (TV, mobile,…)


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Hari 🕉!!!

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