Our Programs

Raise your inner self up to the Light...


Directly from India, our teachings are authentique techniques and practices from the old and traditional shastras (scriptures) of Yoga.



Pranayama & Meditation
-Monthly Programs-

Pranayama & Meditation are our speciality.

Mahendra ji is The Great Master and Guru on these techniques, a breath healer.

Through online classes*, he will guide you to discover your inner self. Together, you will go deeper in the practice and learn how to expand your Prana, or vital energy.

*Groupal or individual 1 to 1 classes.


-Occasional Events-

During the year, we are having some Online Workshops with Great Indian Masters of Yoga & Ayurveda in order to continue sharing their knowledge all around the World.

The subjects are fixed according to the needs of our students. For future events, feel free to share with us about your needs or desires.