Pranayama & Meditation
The Course

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Western Yoga is often linked to physical exercise when it is only one branch of Yoga.

There is a range of characteristics of the mind to work with, like the whole subtle, energetic side that we are.

Are you ready to explore it?

The only routine that your body and mind need to be grounded.

You are  Yoga practitioner, Yoga teacher  or you want to start in the path of Yoga.


One thing is very important for you is to find these moments for yourself contributing to your best Self, working on your best version.


  • You want to be more calm, peaceful

  • You want a long and an healthy life

  • You want to improve your concentration and know how to calm (and control) your mind

But, for the moment, you are facing some issues:

  • Too much stress in your life

  • Body tensions and/or back pains

  • No time for yourself

  • Anxiety blocks you or appears on certain occasions

  • When you have to focus, you realize your mind is going here and there: it’s hard to concentrate. You have so many things to think at same time!

  • You don’t sleep well

  • Some physical problems appear: constipation, digestion problems

  • Lack of confidence about your capacities

  • No more ideas/inspirations for your students, you need new ideas/techniques

Don't worry. some of our students were feeling the same: 

Good news: There are solutions to be grounded again, if you are ready to start the day with yourself!

XThey had no discipline in their practice so they let go or didn’t know how to start again focusing in themselves

XTheir lives was: eat/work/sleep. No living, no sense of existence.

XThey used meditation apps at night before the sleep without understanding what they were doing

XThey didn't feel enthousiasm, realization

XLoss of memory, no more imagination and creativity for their Yoga classes

XNo energy, no self motivation.

XThey were reading lot of books but didn’t know how to really apply the information in their personal lives

XThey were thinking too much about past activities or were worried about what can happen in future that causes lot of mental problems

Focused on Pranayama and Meditation, our classes deal with aspects of Yoga from its origins to guide you and accompany you in your evolution with traditional & authentic yogic methods of India.


V You are able to concentrate in your daily activities

V Every night you sleep like a baby and need only 2 minutes to fall in sleep

V You feel energy every day, and all the day

V You don’t get stressed, you know how to manage the situations

V You feel relaxed most of the time

V You have increased your self-awareness

V No more negative emotions

V You live in present moment

V You are more patient and tolerant

V You are healthy and happy

And you become all this in a natural, fluid way by following the practice guided by Mahendra ji.

In our Pranayama & Meditation classes, we focalize in 3 points:

1. Body

We will purify your body with some tips and activated techniques to fight with tiredness, boost your immune system, inner strength and capacity of your lungs.

2. Mind

Know about the ancient texts of Yoga. We will put in practice the comprehension of old scriptures, develop your awareness, and control the fluctuations of the mind.

3. Emotions

Acceptance, self-knowledge. We will deal with pain and suffering for a more harmonious life.

The course & calendar

These are personalized group lessons 2 times a week over a month: generally on Tuesdays and Thursdays, i.e. 8 lessons per month. One hour (max. 1h15min) each session.

If you are unable to join online, all recorded classes are available on the platform.

The courses being focused on energy, they are progressives to allow integration into your mind and memory of your cells. However, it takes several months of practice to see a real and deep growth (and integration over time) even if you will notice it quite quickly, after each session!

For quality purpose, we are giving a limited number of seat in classes (max. 12).

What we want is to nourish yourself, that you learn the old yogic methods to live a long, happy and healthy life!

During and after the course, you can write to us and tell us about your progress, we will always be there to help you and find solutions to your particular case.


In the moment you sign up, you will directly have access to all the classes since January 2021.

You can take action on yourself from... Right now!

Calendar 2022


2 Live sessions (according to your convenience):

Option 1:*

UK: 6h15
Europe: 7h15
India: 10h45

Option 2:

USA TX/Perú: 5h15
Arg./Chile: 8h15

Europe: 12h15
India: 15h45

From the lengthening of the breath to the mastery of the mind you will also be ready to improve your asanas/postures.

After the Pranayama & Meditation sessions:

V You will have more clarity

You will experience deep peace on you

V You will be more positive

Your communication to others will be wiser and more calm

V You will show empathy, understand others better

You will be serene for the day

V You will feel revitalized

Your body pains are minimized

Hojas de diente de león

They trusted on us


As a yoga instructor, I joined Mahendra hoping to further develop my own pranayama practice but I have gained that and so much more.

His warm, genuine and engaging way of imparting his incredible depth of knowledge put me completely at ease. Mahendra combines so many elements in his teaching including proper techniques and their benefits, meditation, philosophy, tradition and Aryuveda. It means that every practice, I learn something new that furthers my understanding of yoga and myself.

And it makes me feel wonderful ! My lungs are stronger, my mind more settled and I feel an inner glow of energy.

Prana Awakening has enhanced my life for which I am grateful.

I thoroughly recommend Mahendra Ji and Lili Ji from my heart.


Natasha Hill, UK

We are Mahendra & Lili

Bi-national married couple (India/France)

Mahendra & Lili.jpg

You will never heard Mahendra Ji says he is a teacher. "I am just teaching what I have learnt from my gurus and studies, I am eternal Yoga student".
My husband has the quality to be humble person with huge knowledge, a very big heart, a nice humour and the most beautiful smile.


He is teaching from the bottom of his heart putting always the joy and happiness in your face during the practice.

And I, Lili, I simply help in the organization and management of the courses. I am the main point of contact for the students, always ready to be available for them, to answer any request that I may receive.

Love and Light,

Hari 🕉