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Raksha bandhan or Rakhi : the festival of brothers & sisters

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Raksha bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated on full moon day of the Hindu month Sravana (July/August). This festival is dedicated to brothers & sisters (genealogical siblings or not).

On this auspicious day, sisters use to tie a thread (called Rakhi) on her brother's wrist to protect them from negative influences & pray for their good health, prosperity & long life... Brothers, in return, use to give the gifts to their sisters & also promise them for their safety, to take care during the difficult times...

All brothers always use to remember that I have to give a nice gift or special gift to his sister/sisters to make them happy... but don't know how many people use to give a commitment for their safety or giving them assurance that I will be with you in your difficult times...

Any way I don't want to go deeper in this matter...

It's very applicable for the brothers if they promise to their sisters to take care in difficult times & promise for their safety... But, if we think deeply we will find that promise to sisters for their safety, is not making them weak ? Why should they need safety ? Why should they need help ?

What I am thinking in last 40-50 years, the world has changed. In all the fields women have provided that they enough capacity to face all the challenges, to deal all kinds of situations... Even women can be seen the army/military/police too & also deployed in the border areas where always have a fear fight against terrorists...

I think army is one of the field where male were thinking that in this field physical strength & strength required to fight against enemies & that is only male have but this myth has broken... not only in the army , they are leading or trying to give their contribution according to the responsibilities that have been given to them...

It would be super nice to uplift them, empower them, educate them, help to make them strong & self dependent... They all have same potentially to do work in all the fields...

Now what they need from their brothers ?

I think, a good environment to grow & all other facilities that male use to receive... rest of the things they will see by themselves...

On this auspicious day, I am saluting them, all those people (female/male), who are working for women Empowerment...

In Indian culture, two popular stories are behind this festival...

1. Queen Karnavati and Emperor Humayun

In 1527, Rani (queen) Karnavati has been attacked by the mugal Emporor Bahadur Shah. For the safety of the kingdom, the queen sent by letter a rakhi to the king Humayun asking him for the help. When he received it, he gone and defited Bahadur Shah and protected her sister.

2. Krishna and Draupadi

One day, Lord Krishna cutted his finger when he was handling the sugarcane. At this time, Draupadi tore off her saree and banded his finger. From that day, Krishna promised to protect her. Many years later, when one brother of Kaurava tried to undress her forcibly, Lord Krishna helped her and protect her respect.

Some other stories also exist... Whatever the heros behind, I am humbly paying my gratitude and respect towards them.

Happy Raksha bandhan to all the Sisters & brothers too.

Here a small video of Lily ji celebrating the Rakhi with her "brother" Maël ji.


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Hari 🕉!!!

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