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Traditional yogic teachings

From our hearts to your Home

Pranayama | Meditation | Yoga Nidra | Prana Nidra| Ayurveda | Yoga Philosophy

Our classes highlight the study of ancient scriptures, and the practice of ancestral traditions of India.

Our Yoga: what do we teach?

Yoga is a process of inquiring and discovering the sources of constant higher pleasure and peace within. 

Any object that is outside of your body can't give you the assurance of life-long happiness and peace.

Our practices in the classes bring one into a state of peace, tranquility and equilibrium by facilitating the faculty of Prana. Prana is the source of life, that is the root of our existence. Ayama (expansion) of the prana through breathing techniques is called Pranayama.

The principal ingredient of our classes is Pranayama with some Meditation techniques and ayurvedic tips for a healthier life. In some of our courses, we are also including the study of Vedic texts and learning of mantras.

Our classes deal with aspects of Yoga from its origins to guide you with traditional & authentic yogic methods of India.

In classes, we focus on 3 points:

1. Body

We will purify your body with some tips and activated techniques to reduce fatigue, boost your immune system, inner strength and capacity of your lungs.

2. Mind

Learn about the ancient texts of Yoga. We will put into practice the wisdom of old scriptures. Develop your awareness, concentration, and control the fluctuations of the mind.

3. Emotions

Acceptance, self-knowledge. We will deal with pain and suffering for a more harmonious life.

Whom are our classes designed for?

Our Yoga classes are for those who want to enjoy peaceful moments contributing to their best Self, improve mental health and grow in the Path of Yoga.

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Yoga Practitioners

You want to improve your practice, restore your body to health and mind to presence. You are looking for a Guru to guide you in your regular practice.

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Yoga Teachers

You want to teach new techniques to your students and continue exploring the significance of the shastras. You want to share new healthy tips for the unity of the mind, body and soul.

New yogis in the path of Yoga

You have the desire to learn about Yoga, its origins, the true way of wisdom.
You are looking for a teacher you will help you to understand the importance of the ancient scriptures and the benefits of the practice.

What are we offering you?

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Group Classes
Through online courses
Designed with Love. For physical and mental alignment.

We are offering different courses during the year.

Whatever the course you will choose, every session will be a wholesome experience.

Moreover, our classes have always a special focus on energy to guide you progressively through a complete and balanced practice for a good integration into your mind and the memory of your cells.

1:1 Classes
Individual meeting with Mahendra ji
Private sessions according to you needs.

These are personalized individual lessons on demand of the student.


You will previously fill a form telling us about the topic or issue(s) you want to work on, and we will contact you by message to fix the time of the meeting with you.

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They trusted on us


As a yoga instructor, I joined Mahendra hoping to further develop my own pranayama practice but I have gained that and so much more.

His warm, genuine and engaging way of imparting his incredible depth of knowledge put me completely at ease. Mahendra combines so many elements in his teaching including proper techniques and their benefits, meditation, philosophy, tradition and Aryuveda. It means that every practice, I learn something new that furthers my understanding of yoga and myself.

And it makes me feel wonderful ! My lungs are stronger, my mind more settled and I feel an inner glow of energy.

Prana Awakening has enhanced my life for which I am grateful.

I thoroughly recommend Mahendra Ji and Lili Ji from my heart.


Natasha Hill, UK

We are Mahendra & Lili

Bi-national married couple (India/France)

Mahendra & Lili.jpg

You will never heard Mahendra Ji says he is a teacher. "I am just teaching what I have learnt from my gurus and studies, I am eternal Yoga student".
My husband has the quality to be humble person with huge knowledge, a very big heart, a nice humour and the most beautiful smile.


He is teaching from the bottom of his heart putting always the joy and happiness in your face during the practice.

And I, Lili, I simply help in the organization and management of the courses. I am the main point of contact for the students, always ready to be available for them, to answer any request that I may receive.

Love and Light,

Hari 🕉

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